My travel dates state it black on white: „I am spending European winter in Chile“. I am actually doing this every winter since 2015. This year I am even staying until the beginning of April. How did I end up as a photographer in Santiago?

How I came as a photographer to Santiago and returned as Chile-lover

Well, this is sort of a long story… It starts at the end of 2015 when I wanted to fulfill a life-dream of mine to challenge myself to a long-distance horseback ride. I felt very drawn to Chile and that’s how it came I set foot in South America for the first time. I had one 23 kg suitcase with me that hold a riding saddle and all sorts of camping gear. My clothes that I brought with me on the other hand would fit into two bare hands. The only thing I still needed to organize for the adventure of my lifetime was a horse.

Some moments in life just seem to be destined. I happened to find a gelding named Fiestero that seemed to be made of pure gold, covered with a furry coat. Fiestero accompanied me for over 900 km of mountain terrain through a lot of beautiful but also tough situations.

Lifestyle and freelance photographer in Santiago - Romanyflower - photo from personal horsebackriding trip

photographer in Santiago de Chile - landscape picture of Chilean Andes

Originally I had planned to sell my travel companion at the end of my journey. I guess I was sort of detached at that time, valuing my freedom more than relationships. In the end of our trip though Fiestero got sick with a very complicated disease. Selling a friend that I owed so much to at a time where he needed all care and attention he could get was out of questions. And that’s where my fate got sealed – I never sold Fiestero.
I actually decided to build a life in Chile to honor the relationship we have. That’s why every European winter I am returning to Chile to be with Fiestero and to work as a professional photographer in Santiago.

picture of photographer in Santiago - Romany Flower together with her horse

Santiago based Adventure Wedding Photographer

My passion for adventure and photography even led me to create a special experience for like minded people here in Chile – I decided to offer adventure wedding photography and proposal photography in the beautiful Chilean Andes.

photo of moonscape of the Chilean mountains - by landscape photographer in Santiago - Romany Flower

picture by wedding photographer in Chile: bride with horse in the pristine wilderness of the Chilean mountains

Picture of adventure wedding and elopement to the Chilean mountains by elopement photographer from Santiago - Romany Flower

If you are living in or visiting Santiago or Central Chile and the epic beauty of wild places makes your heart skip a beat please don’t hesitate to contact me for a photo session. I would love to take you on a photographic adventure into the pristine wilderness of the Cordillera. You will come back with a pocket full of special memories and pictures, I promise!

Lots of love!


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