As an Adventure Wedding Photographer capturing a destination wedding in South America was really high on my bucket list. Therefore I planned a creative destination wedding project in the Chilean Andes in 2018. The first day we realized a beautiful mountain elopement ceremony at a natural hot spring. The morning after we took some beautiful bridal portraits. Underneath you can see the results.

An unusual location for a destination wedding in South America

The base camp for our adventure wedding project was right next to a natural hot spring at near the volcano Chillan. Hence it was quite an unusual location for a destination wedding in South America. Most people might just think about Patagonia or the Atacama desert as great locations for their wedding. They might forget that the central zone offers amazing views and landscapes while being far less touristy.

destination wedding location south america

The Adventure Wedding Photographer’s price to pay: Early mornings

We wanted to make the best out of the breathtaking desert like location for the bridal portraits. That’s why we got up really early and ascended further towards the volcano on horseback. While I don’t usually like to get up very early I certainly will make the sacrifice in all my projects as Adventure Wedding photographer. The results are always worth it!

destination wedding location in south america

The dream of every adventure wedding photographer: unworldly beauty to capture

With getting closer to the peak we got quieter and quieter. We were in total awe and just wanted to quietly soak in the wild beauty of this special destination wedding location. Then our bride  quickly changed in the handmade wedding dress by the Santiago designer Macarena Cortes. When she headed out there with one of our horses the whole scene seemed totally unreal to me. I have to admit I totally had a flashback to Daenerys crossing the desert in Game of Thrones. That’s what is so rewarding about adventure weddings – raw emotion shared in unworldly beauty.

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adventure wedding south america

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picture by adventure wedding photographer in south america - romany flower: bride with horse in the desert

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And invitation to a unique destination wedding in South America

If you are considering a destination wedding in South America and are into hiking and adventures I want to invite you to the untamed beauty of the Chilean Andes. Chile consists of more than Patagonia and the Torres del Paine!

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The team of this unique destination wedding in South America:

Adventure wedding planner: Adventure Wedding
Chile Horse Trekking & Tour: Cordillera Aventura
Wedding Gown: Macarena Cortés
Headpiece: Pia Cortés
MUA & Hair: Berni Calvoc
Bride: Vanessa
Wedding photographer: Romany Flower 🙂