There are days in my life where I am overflowing of bliss being an elopement photographer in Spain. The day of Lindsey’s and Erik’s elopement in Deia was one of these incredible days. We spent it filled with love, laughs and adventure. The memory of it still makes my heart skip a beat today while looking at their images.

How Lindsey found their elopement photographer in Spain (ME! yaaay)

Lindsey was the one in charge of searching for an elopement photographer in Spain. She found my website by researching on the internet. The elopement images and my blog article “Elopement wedding in Mallorca – 3 reasons to take the leap!” attracted here in particular and she decided to reach out. After her first inquiry we got on the phone and the rest is history. We instantly connected and started brainstorming ideas for their dream elopement in Mallorca.

I always strive to get on the phone as early as possible with my couples to see if we are a good fit for their elopement or wedding. It is so so important that the chemistry is right between a couple and their wedding photographer – it is an unique event that cannot be repeated and the photos provide the only physical memory you get. So better be sure you click with your elopement photographer in advance ;).

The story behind this elopement in Deia, Spain

After Erik proposed end of last year, they both spontaneously decided to elope instead of hosting a big wedding.
That’s what Erik said about their decision to elope:
“Lindsey and I have been guests at many weddings and often found the bride and groom would be so busy hosting that they didn’t get to focus on each other and their commitment to one another. I can’t wait for Lindsey and I to have the day to ourselves to truly celebrate our love together.”

The west coast of Mallorca reminded them of the place they met for the first time: Grenada, West Indies. The narrow windy roads, picturesque little villages and cliff views really fit into their vision for their wedding day. The island of Mallorca was the perfect fit to confirm their love and commitment to each other in reference to where it all started.

Elopement photographer in Spain: Bride walking to first look

Creating a timeline for this hiking elopement in Deia

When Lindsey and Erik decided to book me as their elopement photographer in Spain their plans were still very open. It was so excited that we would be able to create a timeline together that exactly fits their ideas of a fun and adventurous day. Lindsey chose the lush Jardines de Alfabia for their first look and classy Belmond de la Residencia for their private wedding dinner. We decided to look for a place over viewing the sea at sunset for their private vow exchange.

It took me two full days of scouting possible places until I have found that special spot. Believe me, it is not easy to find epic AND private places in Mallorca! I the end I found the PERFECT location: A little private viewpoint overlooking the peninsula Sa Foradada. Lindsey and Erik instantly fell in love with the place even though it was just accessible by a little hike. That’s why Lindsey decided to swap her high heels for sandals and opt for a hiking elopement. As I love hiking and natural sceneries I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Spain elopement photographer: hiking elopement in Deia, Mallorca - couple looking into sunset

The day of the Elopement in Deia – The getting ready

Lindsey and Erik got ready in a beautiful suite in Belmond de la Residencia. While getting dressed Erik revealed to me “My family isn’t that comfortable with us eloping. You are the only one that can save me from being killed by providing a complete documentation of the day.” So no pressure, ha ha!” Thanks God from my experience as elopement photographer in Spain I am used to it…

While elopements are just the most beautiful wedding ceremonies to witness and document it is also a massive responsibility that you are carrying as elopement photographer. The pictures of the day will be the only keepsakes and testimony of the whole day. I love to start telling a couple’s story starting with the getting ready. There is so much quiet excitement in the air. And when getting ready separately afterwards the pictures provide the connection for both bride and groom to the getting ready of the other.

There were so many details and little moments to document and appreciate. The moment when Erik put on the beautiful mechanical watch he inherited and a military tag that is a heirloom from his grandfather. That look that both exchanged when Lindsey brought some pizza for Erik before sending him off downstairs. How Lindsey carefully unpacked her wedding dress before carefully stepping into it. Countless little pearls that build the story of this day.

Spain elopement photographer: Bride overlooking Deia at her wedding day

Getting ready of Deia elopement. Grooms attire hanging from doorframe in Belomd de la Residencia, Deia

Wedding detail shot during elopement in Deia. Captured by elopement photographer romany Flower during getting ready in Belmond de la Residencia

groom getting ready during Deia elopement

getting ready of groom during Deia elopement photographed by Romany Flower

groom getting ready for hiking elopement in spain - details photographed by romany flower

Spain hiking elopement: Groom getting ready for the wedding day

Spain hiking elopement : Groom getting ready

groom getting ready for his Deia wedding

Wedding in Deia, bride and groom during getting ready in Belmond de la Residencia

deia wedding photographer : Bride and groom during getting ready

wedding photographer Deia: groom againt the backdrop of deia

Deia wedding: Beautiful wedding dress haning from doorframe at Belmond de La Residencia

bride getting ready for her wedding in Deia - captured by Romany Flower

Details during getting ready photographed by Romany Flower, Deia photographer

photographer in Deia - romany flower - photographs Wedding rings and details

elopement photography in Spain: Dress hanging outdoors against scenic view in Mallorca, Spain

Wedding at Belmond de la Residencia - wedding dress hanging outside of private terrace overviewing Deia

Bride hugging her wedding dress overlooking Deia - wedding photography in Deia

best spain elopement photography: bride getting ready for elopement in Spain, Mallorca

Deia wedding photography - Bride putting on her Wedding dress in Superior Suite of Belmond de la Residencia

Spain elopement photography - bride at final steps of getting ready for her wedding, ridal portraits before the ceremony

Prepare your wedding in Malloca - detail shots of rings and bride during preparation for her wedding day in Deia

Elopement photography in Spain: bridal portraits after getting ready in Mallorca

bridal portraits for Spain adventure elopement

Elopement photographer in Deia:bride walking at Belmond de La Residencia wedding

Spain adventure wedding in Mallorca- bride waling towards first look

Elopement to Spain – First look at Wedding in Jardines de Alfabia, Mallorca

In Jardines de Alfabia there is a gorgeous old staircase surrounded by twisted trees that we selected for Lindsey’s & Erik’s First Look. While Erik was waiting his back turned towards the staircase, Lindsey slowly descended. There was so much excitement in the air! And when she finally tapped him on the shoulder and Erik turned around pure happiness radiated from their faces.

Deia wedding photographer Romany Flower captures bride walking up stairs at Jardines de Alfabia wedding

spanish elopement photographer: First Look in Gardens of Alfabia

Wedding at alfabia gardens, Mallorca: First Look

Jardines de Alfabia wedding - bride and groom during first looking the Gardens Alfabia

After their first look I let these two spend some time together at the Cafe of Jardines de Alfabia. There was cinematic piano music playing in the background and the view over the gardens just made the scene seem like out of a dream. After Lindsey and Erik had some time to catch up we headed out for a casual and stroll through the gardens.

Couple during their jardines de alfabia wedding

jardines de Alfabia Hochzeit - Brautpaar beim Essen auf Mallorca

beautiful elopement wedding at alfabia gardens, Mallorca  deia elopement photographer

elopement photograpeher Deia

outdoor wedding Photographer Spain

Hochzeit in Jardines de Alfabia - Brautpaar

Jardines alfabia hochzeit

I will never forget the moment when some tourists decided to turn on a water fountain that we had to run from. REAL FAST. Till today we are not sure if that was on purpose or just a mistake. Hmm… Fun things that can happen at an elopement to Spain. Well, the good news are: We all got away in time and for the most part didn’t get wet ;). It makes for a memorable moment for sure!

elopement photographer Spain 001

Spain elopement photographer 001

Heiraten jardines alfabia

elopement photography Spain 001

Hochzeit in Deia: Brautpaar in den Gaerten von Alfabia

Deia Hochzeit

Deia Wedding photographer: Couple walking through gardens of alfabia

wedding photographer deia 01

Tramutana wedding

wedding photography Deia

Hiking Elopement in Spain – Walk to Sa Foradada Lookout

Because Lindsey and Erik decided to say their vows in a very special place they had to turn their casual elopement into a hiking elopement (which I have to admit I LOVED). We walked to a beautiful very old olive grove bathed in the magical light of the setting sun. I really love how relaxed and playful these two look on their hike to our ceremony destination – an intimate lookout over the gorgeous Sa Foradada peninsula.
If you are playing with the thought of having a Hiking Elopement in Spain and you love the outdoors – don’t think any longer, just do it. There is nothing better to calm the nerves before your wedding ceremony than walk and explore some of nature’s beauty with your partner :). Lindsey and Erik even had a nice picnic on the way. Yay to hiking elopements in Spain!! They are just the best!hiking elopement Spain

adventure elopement spain

Hiking elopement photographer: bride and groom dancing in olive grove

adventure wedding spain

hiking elopement

bride and groom enjoying view at their adventure elopement in Spain

Sa Foradada elopement - bride and groom enjoying views

Mallorca Elopement

scenery at Sa foradada hike

Bride and

Heiraten Deia

Sa Foradada Peninsula in Mallorca, Spain

hiking elopement spain 001

adventure wedding Spain 0

Spain elopement photographer 02

Deia wedding photography: Bride and groom hiking

Bride and groom walking at their Mallorca wedding

elopement mallorca 01

bride and groom celebrating their wedding in Mallorca

adventure wedding europe

elopement photographer Europe

Heiraten in Deia: Vintage Brautstrauß auf Mallorca

Hochzeit Deia 01

bride and groom during their hiking elopement in Europe

Destination wedding photographer Spain

Spain destination wedding photographer

Son Marroig wedding

Bride and groom during their Deia, Spain elopement

deia mallorca elopement

Sunset Wedding Ceremony in Mallorca – Spain Hiking Elopement

Organizing a private sunset wedding ceremony in Mallorca can be tricky. Usually the most beautiful spots at sunset are full of people and that’s not what you would have in mind for exchanging your vow ;).  Thankfully with hiking to a hidden away lookout we could get some magic scenery with some privacy all at once. We arrived just on time for the gorgeous sunset at our private lookout over Sa Foradada.
Just Lindsey and Erik know the words that have been spoken during their ceremony. That way they could be completely open and vulnerable while saying their vows. I felt so incredibly honored that I could be there with them and capture the magic of this unique moment for them. After they exchanged their rings and sealed their union with their first kiss as husband and wife exhuberance took over. Good that we brought some flower petals along to celebrate!

Spain hiking elopement 01

deia elopement photographer

Bride and groom at their Deia wedding  elopement deia spain

bride and groom during vow exchange of their elopement to Deia, Mallorca

Mallorca spain elopement photographer

Wedding in Deia - close up of ring exchange

Spain elopement photographer 03

Spanish elopement photographer

bride and groom exchanging rings at their elopement in Deia

Deia photographer: Bride and groom at Sa Foradada

bride and groom at sunset elopement in Deia

spain hiking elopement 02

bride and groom kissing at Deia elopement

elopement photographer deia 01

Spain adventure wedding

Spain elopement photography: bride and groom at sunset

Son Marroig Wedding 02

bride and groom enjoying sunset at their adventure wedding in Europe

europe hiking elopement

Stunning sunset and views during Europe hiking elopement

Bride and groom captured by

Stunning scenery at Spain adventure wedding

Private Wedding dinner at El Olivo – Belmond de la Residencia

After the ceremony we hiked back up in the dusk. Quiet joy lay in the air during our trip to El Olivo – the restaurant of Belmond de la Residencia. Lindsey and Erik had made arrangements for a private dinner at a terrace overlooking Deia. When we arrived there were candles everywhere illuminating the scene in soft light – the place could have been straight out of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful choice for their wedding dinner and the last hours of their special hiking elopement in Mallorca.But see for yourself…

photographer deia 01

bride and groom at their El Olivo Wedding, Mallorca

wedding olivo mallorca

el olivo wedding mallorca 01

private dinner at wedding

Deia wedding at Belmond de la Residencia

olivo wedding mallorca

mallorca wedding belmond residencia  belmond residencia wedding 02

Deia Hochzeit 04

el olivo wedding mallorca

I wish you all the best for your future together, Lindsey & Erik! Thank you for letting me share this incredible day with you!

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Vendors of this hiking elopement in Spain:

Getting Ready: Belmond de La Residencia
First Look Venue: Jardines de Alfabia, Mallorca
Dinner: El Olivo at Belmond La Residencia
Bridal Bouquet: Tinons Floral Designer
Wedding Dress: Sottero and Midgley
Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss
Wedding Rings: R&R Jewelers
Elopement photographer in Spain: Romany Flower