Planning an elopement wedding in Mallorca? Great choice! Our spanish island is just a short flight away from a lot of european cities. In exchange it offers a beautiful change of scenery. If you just want to enjoy each other’s company and want a wedding away from it all, Mallorca is for sure an option to consider.

Eloping simply means running off to get married in the most intimate setting possible – including just you and your loved one. As a local Mallorca elopement photographer I have to admit being a total sucker for elopement weddings. It is magical to be one of the few — if not the only — witness of such an important bond between two people. I dearly remember the couples that trusted me to document their elopement wedding so far. None of them faced regrets for their choice to forgo a big traditional wedding for an elopement. Here are the 3 main reasons for choosing a Mallorca elopement wedding over a big ceremony:

1. An Elopement Wedding in Mallorca offers intimacy

Let’s face it: big weddings per se are not that romantic. They are actually just the opposite of intimacy. It’s a party and everybody is invited! Your family and friends on both sides, plus ones and maybe even some guests that just had to be invited out of politeness. Too many people though can actually ruin your wedding day for you. As a wedding photographer I can usually see the level of relaxation and intimacy drop proportionally to the amount of guests invited. Let’s face it: Intimacy suffers the more and more people you add to the occasion. At most weddings with more than 50 invites you can’t even spend 5 minutes with each of your guests. So dividing your time between the wedding party becomes a logistical task. If you want to be really close to your partner on your wedding day an elopement wedding between the two of you might be the better choice. After all, it’s the first day of the rest of your lives together. You should plan it in a way that suits you! If intimacy is high on your value-list a Mallorca elopement wedding might be just the right choice for you.

mallorca elopement wedding photography

mallorca elopement photographer

2. A Mallorca Elopement Wedding gives you flexibility

You don’t have to follow the old beaten path when it comes to weddings. You can be as creative as you want and make it your own unique format. Because you don’t have to consider anybody else, an elopement wedding in Mallorca offers you a lot of flexibility in designing your own dream wedding the way you want it to be. Big weddings meet everybody else’s needs. A personalized intimate wedding requires less effort in trying to please others. Elopements and intimate wedding work especially well for introverts who are not comfortable being the center of attention in big crowds.

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3. A Mallorca Elopement Wedding saves costs

In all honesty: It’s just way way cheaper to elope! It takes down a big chunk off the budget in terms of large venues, an army of people to invite and months or even a year ahead of planning. Deciding to run away for an elopement wedding in Mallorca definitely saves you time and energy and is therefore a lot less stressful.
Ok, you still have to plan a little bit: Choose a beautiful location, a celebrant, florist and a Mallorca elopement photographer that fits your style. Certainly this should be fun though because you can totally concentrate on the creative part. In conclusion: Eloping takes away a lot of worry from the wedding preparations! As a result it leaves you with more time to plan your honeymoon after your elopement wedding in Mallorca. And who wouldn’t want that?

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Synopsis: Elopement or traditional Wedding?

If I may give you one piece of advice as an experienced wedding photographer: Please consider your needs and wants. Let other people’s expectations for your wedding take a sidestep for a moment and really feel into yourself. Who has to be there to make your wedding day really special and complete? For some people the answer might be to stick to a big wedding. For others that prefer a more relaxed setting it might come down to an intimate wedding ceremony. And for some free spirits and adventurous souls an elopement wedding in Mallorca might just be what makes their heart sing.

Whatever your choice is, let me know if I can assist you in any way as a wedding photographer in Mallorca. Just get in touch – I’d love to get to know you and hear more about your vision! Lots of love,