First of all, congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy and excited for this new chapter in your lives. Right now, you might be busy planning and brainstorming for your wedding day. You might also be thinking if an engagement photo session is worth the shot. As an engagement photographer in Mallorca let me tell you my six reasons for having an engagement session on this beautiful island:

1. Relax in front of the camera

Some of us tend to get shy whenever we get our photos taken. We might feel awkward in front of a camera. An engagement session is a great way to get comfortable around the camera. You’ll get to practise for your wedding pictures and as a result will feel more confident about the results on your wedding day.

engagement photographer mallorca - Romany Flower - playful couple at the beach

Engagement Photographer Mallorca -Romany Flower- Mallorca Beach

2. Get to know your photographer

An engagement session is also a way to get to know your future wedding photographer — how he or she works. When deciding on a photographer to document your wedding and take your wedding portraits it is crucial to pick a person that flows with your vision and style. There is no better way to judge this then working with an engagement photographer in Mallorca first and decide to book him or her for your wedding when you like the results. I am sure your photographer will be thrilled and you will have created a relationship based on trust even before the wedding.

There really is no better way to gain confidence in your future wedding photographer and be able to completely relax about the photography on your wedding day!

Engagement Photography based in Mallorca - Romany Flower - happy couple playing on the beach

Mallorca engagement photographer - lovebirds having fun at the beach

 3. Share the love!

Your engagement photos can also be used for your invitations, wedding decor etc. You can totally indulge your creative urges by pimping up your DIY projects for the wedding with your rad engagement pictures! Working with a professional engagement photographer will give you stunning images that really capture the love between you. Your engagement pictures give you the opportunity to share your lovestory with close friends & family!

Engagement Photographer in Mallorca - Romany Flower - Couple having fun by the beach

Engagement Photographer Mallorca - Romany Flower - Mallorca Beach, couple hugging

4. Quality time with your significant other

An engagement session lets you spend some quality time with your partner. Ideally your photographer will create a safe space for authentic expression, playfulness & intimacy between you. This way your session doesn’t just serve the purpose of taking a couple of pretty pictures but becomes a memorable experience in itself. As an engagement photographer in Mallorca I encourage you to express to your partner what you most cherish about him or her through playful interaction. This authentic communication is what I strive to capture in my images – images that will always remind you of the connection and love you felt in that moment.

Mallorca Prenuptial Photographer - Romany Flower - intimate couple by the beach

Engagement Photography - Romany Flower - sweet couple in Mallorca Beach

5. Get creative

There is no better way to let your and your photographer’s creative side shine then an engagement session in Mallorca! There is no pressure as nobody is watching or waiting for you to return. The possibilities to get creative are endless especially if you prepare some quirky or romatic ideas beforehand. Mallorca offers a unique setting with captivating little villages, endless sandy beaches and dramatic mountain backdrops. Let your creativity run wild!

Mallorca Engagement Photography - Romany Flower - couple so inlove

Mallorca Couple Photographer

Engagement Photography Mallorca - Romany Flower - intimate couple

6. It’s fun

Last but not least: It’s fun! Don’t just do it for the pictures, do it for the sake of the adventure and laughs you will share! <3

The pictures from this article are were created during a beach engagement session with the lovely Marga & Bernat.

Got you excited about an engagement session in Mallorca? Let’s get in touch!

Mallorca Couple Photographer - Romany Flower - couples inlove by the beach

Looking for mallorca engagement photographer - Romany Flower - lovers by the beach

Engagement Photography in Mallorca - Romany Flower - passionate couple by the beach

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