Not sure of what to wear for your couple photoshoot in Mallorca? Here are some tips for choosing a flattering outfit:

Dress according to the location of your couple photoshoot

If you’re opting for a photoshoot at the beach, light flowy dresses look great on women and loose overshirts would be nice for the men. You can wear sandals, or go barefoot on the sand. If your outfits allow you to roll on the beach and enter the water at the end of the session you’ll definitely have one happy photographer and stunning images to remember! Check out our beach outfit collection for inspiration.

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If Mallorca’s dry mountain scenery is more your thing, a casual shirt or sleeveless outdoor tops and jeans will look nice on men. Dresses with skirts that flutter in the wind or cute hotpants are good options for the ladies. If there is some physical exercise involved in getting to the photo location I recommend choosing suitable clothes for that. You can change into the photo outfits once we reached the hidden spot for the photoshoot. Check out our wanderlust outfit inspiration for more style options.

Do you prefer the Palma city center or a picturesque village for your Mallorca couple photo session? Then you have every choice between timelessly chic, trendy or romantic. Men look dapper in comfortable casuals or matching coordinates and proper shoes for that polished metropolitan look. Have a look at our urban outfit inspiration mood board, for more ideas.

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Keep Mallorca’s climate in mind!

Mallorca has a hot & dry climate during the summer. If you are opting for an afternoon or evening session you might lose one or two drops of sweat. In this case, I recommend you to check how sweating will affect the look of your outfits and bring a spare set just in case…

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Style & Color — Simple is best!

Classic never goes out of style and will always have that timeless appeal in your couple photos. Remember – the photo session is about you. So in regards to clothes “Simple is beautiful!”

Colors are preferably solid, in muted tones. If you go for vibrant colors, choose consciously to accentuate. Maybe bring a second more neutral outfit to have a less a tuned down option. If you are able to roughly match the hues of your tops there will be no harsh contrasts distracting from your faces in close-up shots. I strongly recommend not to wear large patterns or any kind of logo as they draw a lot of attention from the pictures. If in doubt just send the pictures of your outfits to your Mallorca photographer for his or her opinion.

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Accessories — spice up your photoshoot!

Throw in a special accessory or sprinkle of color to accentuate your personality or reflect that exotic vibe of your couple photoshooting in Mallorca. As a local photographer in Mallorca, I can give you some advice on where to find handmade floral headpieces or chunky quirky boho jewelry to add a special touch that would suit your image. You can also wear sunglasses, a sun hat, or bring a nice parasol as accents. Be creative and have fun with some props to show who you really are!

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Dress for fun!

In your couple photoshoot, the love and connection you feel for each other should be the main point of focus. Choose clothes that actually allow you to express yourself freely and be playful.

If you have to worry about your clothes getting dirty or how you look from a certain angle this will affect your photos because you won’t be able to relax. The more carefree you can be in your outfits the better — outfits that allow you to jump and run, roll around on the ground and maybe even get into the salt water will give you the best results. Because in the end, it is all about you!

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