Considering a pregnancy photoshoot in Mallorca?

Maternity photos document one of life’s most precious times to remember. How wonderful will it be for your child to see that stage when he or she was in your belly. Your maternity photos in Mallorca will be treasures! The won’t just document your balearic holiday but also the intimate first moments shared with your baby.

We collected some tips from our pregnancy photographer to get just magical photos of your baby bump:

Best time for maternity photos in Mallorca

Whenever possible, schedule your maternity photo session in Mallorca when you are 31 to 36 weeks along in your pregnancy for optimum results. Of course every pregnancy is individual. For most pregnant mums though their baby bump has just the right size at this stage. We want to catch the time where your baby belly is already big and beautiful but you still feel comfortable enough to move around. In the end you probably want some variations of poses during your maternity session in the beautiful scenery of Mallorca.

The best time of the day to take photos is either sunrise or sunset for that natural glow photographers call the ‘golden hour’.

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What to wear for pregnancy photography

Flowing dresses always look great in whatever form. During pregnancy, soft fabrics highlight your motherhood and Divine Feminine aspect. You are the gateway to a new life that is growing within you. Wear beautiful florals or lacey material for your maternity photo session in Mallorca to highlight this side of you. Wraps and scarves can also add emphasis to your maternal glam. You can change up your outfit by some accessories like hats or bracelets. Definitely bring an extra set of clothes if you consider entering Mallorca’s enticing waters. Your pregnancy photographer surely has tons of amazing photo ideas for this scenery!

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Also, don’t forget to prepare appropriate undergarments too. We recommend strapless bras and seamless panties underneath flowy dresses. Bring some matching dessous if you are considering to take more revealing photos.

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Pro tip: Keep in mind that some tighter outfits might leave marks on your skin and choose the order of outfits accordingly.

Props for your maternity photos in Mallorca

Using some props during your photo session might be fun –  too much might ruin the focal point of your pregnancy photos though. You can bring your baby’s ultrasound image, toys, baby clothes and other accessories. If you want to be more creative, you can also make handmade banners or bring a mini blackboard with a welcome message for your baby.

We would not use props the whole time during your maternity photo session in Mallorca of course, but it’s best to come prepared :).

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How to prepare yourself for your photo session?

Over all the preparation of outfits and props don’t forget about yourself before the photo session! Being pregnant might come with some not so glamorous moments. We want you to remember what an incredible miracle you are part. When you feel connected to yourself and the divine feminine during your photo session there will be special glow for us to capture!
To pamper yourself you could go for a wellness treatment the day before your maternity photo session or just spend some you-time to unwind. Some of our clients get their hair and Makeup done professionally to feel extra confident. Another good idea is to lather up with a scented lotion. It will make your skin soft and feel great during your photo session.

Pregnancy photos – with family or without?

You can opt to go solo in your maternity photos or with your partner. If you have elder children, you can also let them join in. Solo pregnancy photos emphasize your intimate relationship with your baby. Maternity photography with the dad or with other members of the family indicate a welcoming atmosphere for the upcoming little member. We recommend to plan a little bit of extra time and choose a combination of family and single photos.

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Best locations for maternity photos in Mallorca

There are so many stunning photo backgrounds in Mallorca, we don’t even know where to start. Some of our favorite locations are the sandy beaches on the east coast around Alcudia, Cala Ratjada and Cala d’Or. These places just make our photographer’s heart sing.
If you can drive to your photo session it is best to ask your Mallorca pregnancy photographer about options. He or she should know the most beautiful and unfrequented places that are just a short drive from your hotel. This way, you will be most comfortable during the photoshoot as you reveal your baby belly for the camera. Of course you can also pick a location in Mallorca that has a special meaning to you personally.

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to get your maternity photos in Mallorca taken by us! We would be happy to create a lasting memory of this special part of your life with our photography.

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