Are you considering having your portraits taken? Planning a vacation trip to Mallorca? Why not combine the best of both worlds into a Mallorca portrait photo session against the marvellous backdrop of the Balearic Island scenery.

As Mallorca Portrait Photographer I strive to capture the real authentic you – your carefree soul – in pictures that reflect your essence right back at you. I believe all of us strive to be seen and appreciated for who we really. I am passionate about genuine human connection, the whole variety of emotional expression available to us. That’s why I want to create a safe space for you to show what makes you heart speed up and giggle.

Ready to shine?

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1. Dream & Visualize

What is the purpose of your Mallorca portrait photo shoot? Would you like to decorate your home with some art? Are you interested in a story being told? What kind of images do you like? Collect everything you feel inspired about.

2. Explore & Research

Bring your vision of your Mallorca portrait shoot closer to reality by researching what is possible. What scenery in Mallorca speaks most to you and reflects your vision? Do you need to book something in advance? Do you need to organize specific outfits or props? As experienced Mallorca portrait photographer I am very happy to help you with this.
3. Decide & Book
Decide on the specific day and time of your photoshoot and book your photographer. Contact
Prepare the outfits and eventual props for your Mallorca portrait session. Some people like to get a manicure or go to the spa the day before. Get plenty of rest and hydrate!Tips for your Mallorca Portrait Photos
See your vision becoming reality in a relaxed and playful atmosphere. See yourself authentically reflected by your Mallorca portrait photographer. Inquire today about your Mallorca photoshoot!

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