Recently engaged? Planning to get married or are you arranging a surprise proposal for your partner and want it all photographed to preserve the moment? If you and your partner want to whisk away to the beautiful island of Mallorca to enjoy and celebrate your love, let’s go on an photographic adventure together!

As a Mallorca wedding photographer I offer an array of wedding photography services in Mallorca from engagement photo shoots, after wedding sessions, surprise proposals, to whole day wedding reportages. I strive to make the emotions you feel for each other tangible through my photography. That’s why I value authentic moments and playful interactions more than just a pretty pose. I want you to have a real experience as a couple so that I have true emotions to capture.

Sounds like the kind of photography that you are looking for?

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Hey Chris,

Thanks for the wonderful photos in advance, the best gift is the memories of this wonderful day, which we can always refresh thanks to your help. Great pictures, full of emotion with an eye for the right moment.


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A Finca Wedding in Mallorca | 3 tips from our Mallorca Wedding Photographer


Planning on a Finca Wedding in Mallorca? A destination wedding to this beautiful Spanish island is already exciting as it is! Think of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and the wonderful island vibe. What will make your summer wedding in Mallorca truly special is the rustic setting of a centuries-old finca.

Before booking one right away, read the following tips from our professional Mallorca wedding photographer who can help you choose the right finca for your big day:

Research and check venues for Finca Wedding in Mallorca well in advance

There are hundreds of fincas to consider for your Mallorca garden wedding. Research well in advance so that you will find the perfect place for your needs. Some couples might prefer the exclusivity of a finca. That’s because Mallorcas beaches are usually super crowded in the summer months and might spoil your dream intimate wedding. Also, take note of accessibility for your guests. Especially if they have to return to their respective accommodations this might be an issue. Some fincas do not have overnight facilities. The more secluded ones may be inaccessible or hard to find even by local cab drivers. I recommend to check with a professional from the island. Her or she can help you look into the details and condition of the place and advise you on the most suitable venue for your Mallorca finca wedding.

Prepare for your wedding day in Mallorca to get hot

During summer, the daytime temperature often averages around 30°C and could go as high as 41°C. Schedule a late afternoon or evening for your Mallorca garden wedding to avoid the hottest part of the day. You and your guests will be more comfortable and grateful if the ceremony is well-placed in a nice, shady spot. The best time is around sunset. Not only is it cooler so everyone doesn’t sweat or burn but also the great natural outdoor lighting will make everyone glow in the golden light.

Check the light at the time of your wedding ceremony
Ideally, check in advance how the light is at the particular time and location of the ceremony. If there is no shade, install drapings or something similar to diffuse strong daylight at least where you will be situated. Otherwise unflattering lighting on your faces is to be expected – not even speaking of the sweat… If you choose to place your Mallorca intimate wedding ceremony underneath a tree, check to see how much light shines through the leaves. There might be some mixed light that creates funny patterns on your faces. Your wedding photographer in Mallorca can assist you in judging the best spot for your garden ceremony and give you individual tips on how to optimize the set-up for pictures.

There is no perfect venue by itself. For sure there is a perfect venue for your vision of a finca wedding in Mallorca though. We hope that these simple tips will help you find the right place. A place that will suit your budget, size, and vision for a smooth sailing wedding day you will remember for the rest of your lives. […]

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