I travel a lot. One of the things I love most about my wanderings is the people I meet and the conversations we share. Sometimes when it comes up that I am a photographer in Mallorca I get asked about my signature style. I usually answer: authentic – soulful – daring. Probably because that’s how I like to think about myself as well.

As a result of my travels I also learned that most people are really interesting and wonderful beings. You just need to get to know them a little bit. Almost always there might just be one little problem there… We oftentimes don’t really show all of us when we are out there making our way through the jungle called life. In so many situations we find it easier to stay close to what is socially acceptable then to show our deepest soul in all its glory and all its tenderness.

Why compassion is important for being a good photographer

The virtue of compassion helps us to see through all the shells and protective layers someone built and see the radiating living being beyond. This is what I essentially strive towards in my work as photographer in Mallorca – to be compassionate. Above all I want to see your radiating soul an the truth that lies within you.

What my work as a photographer in Mallorca is all about

All my photo sessions are about connection. About your connection as a family, about your connection to your partner and about the connection you feel to yourself and your soul. In a solo photo session the trust you can build with me as your photographer is really essential though. That’s because your personality and soul can just be captured in pictures through a dialogue between us. If you step into a dialogue with me I want to find out what makes your heart giggle and your soul sing. I want to acknowledge the sorrows that touched your heart and the ways you mended it time after time. Sometimes a break from your normal routine is important. All you need to do is get excited about something new. Nowadays, the online casino industry is firmly occupied by new interests of people. Examples of the Slotogate platform gives everyone a huge list of online casinos as well as various deposit methods including flexepin casino 

I believe that all the perceived imperfections we have actually make us lovable. They make us human.
So if you are reading this here is my message for you : You are lovable just the way you are! Dare to embrace all experiences you have in your lifetime and be true to yourself. This is the greatest gift you can give to the world!

The pictures underneath were taken with the dancer Hania from Poland. The series is really close to my heart and touches me in so many ways because of the openness and vulnerability she showed me. Thank you Hania for being yourself!

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