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Are you looking for a photographer in Portocolom? Welcome to Romany Flower! We offer video & photoshoots in Portocolom and other popular locations in Mallorca. Read on to learn more about the best tips & photoshoot locations in Portocolom.


Portocolom photoshoot location & timing

If you are planning you photoshoot in Portocolom there is an abundance of location options. In our opinion it is one of the most underestimated beautiful towns in Mallorca with a very relaxed, local vibe. There is a very pretty mid-size beach with beautiful white sand that looks absolutely stunning in sunrise pictures. Portocolom has much more to offer though! Your Portocolom photographer will be able to advise you best about stunning locations and you could even take pictures in various places. Apart from the very pretty sandy beach, Portocolom offers a charming old fisher harbour and various rocky coves for your photos. And the best of it: Portocolom is one of the few places on the eastcost of Mallorca where you can take absolutely stunning pictures at sunset. Ask your Portocolom photographer about it! You will be amazed!

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Other Photoshoot locations near Portocolom

It is best to ask your Portocolom photographer for recommendations if you don’t want to have your Portocolom photoshoot directly in town Most photographers have their own style and preferences and with a little bit of planning absolutely breathtaking results can be expected. Our Portocolom photographer knows the surroundings very well and can advise you individually on the best options for your desired outcome.
Just a little bit to the south of Portocolom lie two amazing photoshoot locations: Cala Mondrago & Calo des Moro. Both are very popular Mallorca beaches. That’s why it is best to work with a local photographer from Portocolom that will be able to advise you on how to avoid the crowds.


Portocolom photoshoot packages & pricing

Our Portocolom photoshoot packages start at 600€. We have different packages for photoshoots between 1-3 hours that already include some edited images. All our Portocolom photoshoot packages include a beautiful online gallery for viewing and selecting your favorite images as well as unlimited tips and planning advise for your photosession.
There is also the possibility to have a session with both video & photos being captured. Ask us for more details! Ready to get in touch with our Portocolom photographer?

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About our Portocolom photographer

Hi, I’m Christina!

If not totally immersed into photographing amazing people, I’m usually in the Andes with my favorite horse Fiestero or backpacking around the world. I love getting lost in the vastness of untouched nature, accidentally discovering a surprising place or person, and having heart-to-heart conversations.

I started photography in 2009 and over time I specialized in taking unique and intimate portraits of people.
Since then, my path has led me to many incredible people and their loved ones. I am spending the European summer months between May and November near Portocolom and other beautiful places around Europe, sharing my passion for photography and the unique jewels of the island with the people who come to me.

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