Are you looking for inspiration for your wedding in Mallorca? The thought of getting married on that Balearic island might suddenly become stressful with all the preparations to be done. We recommend you to start planning your wedding in Mallorca a year or at least several months in advance. 

Instead of a pile of magazines, the internet offers free wedding inspirations. We can suggest three very useful online platforms where you can get ideas for your wedding in Mallorca:

1. Wedding blogs to get inspired for your wedding

Have a look at

2. Pinterest as the inspirational source for your wedding in Mallorca

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can get tons of wedding inspirations you can choose from to collect on your own boards. You can create an individual board for cakes, flowers, gown designs and other items that you find inspiring for your wedding in Mallorca. You can check out our Pinterest account to get started with your Mallorca wedding planning.

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3. Instagram – the best of Mallorca wedding photography

Instagram is trending more and more on the internet. Simply use appropriate hashtags to narrow down your search for your Mallorca wedding. Here are some hashtags you might want to check out:

General wedding inspiration on Instagram


Mallorca wedding inspiration on Instagram


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Just a little final note from experience: We understand that you want your wedding to be beautiful with just the right dress, flowers and all the little details. There will come a point in your planning though where you ordered most of the items. This is the time to stop looking for more wedding inspiration and just go with what you have planned. 

We hope we could help you a little bit with the preparations for your big day in Mallorca. Let us know in the comments if you want us to write on a specific topic. If you are interested in booking us for your wedding photography in Mallorca, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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