About the Team

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Joan Honoridez

Joan loves being with nature and spends a lot of time in the country. An artist at heart, she channels her creative energies through painting, writing, and singing. She considers herself a successful single mother of a 21-year-old daughter who is now an accomplished makeup artist and beauty vlogger. She writes the blogs about love & relationships and many other topics for Romany Flower. She is the one behind most of the email responses you will be receiving and will assist you in the whole process of planning the session to the final delivery of your images.

Laica Casia

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Laica is a small girl filled with passion and dreams. At 22 years old, she is still finding her niche and is down to exploring everything just to find her calling. She loves to read books that can take her to different worlds. She also loves travelling since it can literary take her to a different world—learning different cultures and making new friends. She is also emotional and would often express her feelings through her photographs and journals as she aspires to become a photographer and a writer someday. Being able to explore her creative side, she is Romany Flower’s social media butterfly, graphic design guru, and image curator.

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Era Plaza

Era takes care of the technical and marketing side of Romany Flower, she is very passionate and hardworking with her job. One who is always willing and excited to learn new things. Equally loves the outdoors, a good adventure and very nice foods. She’s a mother of a cute and active baby girl and very supportive to her partner. She also loves spending time with her extended family and have fun like watching movies at home and doing silly funny things.

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