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What is it with the name “Romany Flower”?

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I chose “romany” as a synonym to “gypsy” as I live quite a nomadic lifestyle. I value experiences more than things, and freedom more than the perceived security of a comfortable lifestyle. I’m a citizen of the world, and I feel right at home when I am with the people that I love and connect with.


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Just like a flower, I strive to bring beauty to all the places I go and visit. Just like a flower, I strive to bring beauty into the lives of the people I meet. I choose to see the world with compassion and to seek beauty in all its different forms. Just like the beauty and the understanding smile from a lover, the beauty and a kiss that a mother receives from her child, the beauty and the freedom of an animal, the beauty and the look that shows you’re hurt either from past experiences and insecurities. And lastly, the beauty of being vulnerable from the scars of the past. For me, there lies beauty in all authenticity, and I want to show that to the world.

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Fun Facts

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