Mallorca Photoshooting tips

Are you planning a photo shoot in Mallorca ?
Maybe you’re not quite sure how to best prepare for it yet? 
Here are our 3 tips on how to get the most out of your Mallorca photo shoot:

3 Tips for a relaxed photo shoot in Mallorca

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1) Clothes make the man! – Outfits & Accessories

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your chosen outfits and that they underline your personality.

Otherwise, we definitely recommend to match your outfits for the photo shoot. Muted, neutral colours that don’t distract from your faces look great. Please avoid logos and large prints on your clothing, as well as very colorful patterns. For close-up shots in couple sessions similar hues in both tops look best. In the accessories you can set colorful accents or simply bring along a second more colorful outfit to mix things up.

In our Outfit-inspiration collection on Pinterest you can get some suggestions for good outfit combinations. Have fun browsing! 🙂

Mallorca photo shoot - outfit tips

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Outfit tips for gents

Jeans/summer pants, single-coloured T-shirt/shirt and a casual jacket if you want to add a more formal touch usually do the trick. A belt matching the shoe color looks great :).

Outfit tips for ladies

In summer dresses/skirts that flutter in the wind are a great choice. If you prefer it a bit more casual, hotpants/jeans with a cute top and ballerinas/sneakers might work for you. Please remember to pick sandals/shoes that are appropriate for the location. High-heels might work in Palma but not on the beach or the mountains.

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Outfit tips for the little ones

For the girls, plain-coloured dresses look great. For the boys we recommend summer trouses, light-coloured T-shirt/shirt, optionally with suspenders and cap.

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2) Show who you are! – props

Personal items and props make your photos more expressive and varied. If you plan to bring anything in particular please let us know in advance so we can make sure to incorporate it into your session.

A few ideas for:

Couple Photos

Prepare things that are particularly important in your relationship or that reflect your interests, for example

For fiancées: a chalk board offers a good opportunity to incorporate text for cards / invitations into one of the pictures

Family Photos

Everything that is fun :), e.g.:

Maternity Photos

Bachelorette Photos

We have some accessories for rent and are happy to support you with the organization on site.
Tell us more about your idea for your personalized Mallorca photo shoot!

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3) Timing for your Mallorca photo shoot - in the right place at the right time

Natural light conditions play a very important role in our visual language. Most of our pictures are therefore created in the soft, low-lying light of sunrise and sunset. This creates a magical shimmer that makes your images appear ethereal and flooded with light. 

Mallorca photo shoot at sunrise

In the early morning hours it is still pleasantly cool even in the hottest months. Often there is not a soul around and we can have commonly overcrowded locations at your Mallorca photo shoot all to ourselves for a while.


Mallorca photo shoot at sunset

However, some places only unfold their magic in the evening hours. Then please be prepared for the temperatures that are often still very high (don’t forget your sun hat and water!). Many beautiful and easily accessible places are still well visited by tourists in the evening. A little flexibility is therefore recommended in this case. We would be happy to advise you on the best options for your Mallorca photo shoot.
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Tell us more about your idea for your very special photo shoot in Mallorca!
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