Shortly after deciding to work as a wedding photographer in Chile a question entered my mind. “What would happen if I combined two of my biggest passions — wedding photography and adventure travel – into one?” How does and elopement wedding on horseback into the wilderness of the Chilean mountains sound to you? Well underneath you can see the result of this experiment.

An elopement on horseback into the Chilean mountains – an idea is born


Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

I crossed the Chilean Andes on horseback I discovered the most beautiful hot spring in the middle of nowhere. It was such a magical experience! I couldn’t help my self to imagine how gorgeous it would be to witness and document a mountain elopement in this magical place.

mountain elopement destination south america

elopement destination south america

In 2018 I decided to take action and finally organize an inspirational editorial. It was time to explore the wilderness of Andes and their potential for an elopement wedding on horseback. Before telling any future brides interested in an amazing mountain elopement in Chile about this place there was an important job to do. I needed to check first for myself that what I had imagined was actually doable.

Organizing the mountain elopement as a destination wedding photographer in Chile

This was my first experience organizing a inspirational project as a wedding photographer in Chile. What I intended wasn’t actually easy. The biggest challenge: The intended place for the elopement ceremony in the mountains was just reachable on horseback or foot. And not just an easy stroll away! On a 5 hour horseback ride we had to cross a mountain pass higher than 2.400 m. I guess there is a reason why this wedding destination is still so remote and pristine ;).

elopement wedding horseback

adventure wedding horse

Absolutely everything had to be brought in by us and taken out again as we wanted to leave nothing but footsteps and hoof prints. Being a destination wedding photographer in Chile with German roots thankfully seems to carry a positive connotation with the locals – people were incredibly kind and helpful.

The adventure tourism company Cordillera Aventura agreed to organize this one of a kind trip into the mountains for us. The Santiago wedding gown designer Macarena Cortes enthusiastically sent us some of her most treasured handmade wedding gowns. Her sister Pia Cortes provided beautifully crafted headpieces and accessories. The hand painted wedding cake on the pictures is from Tortas Momberg in Concepcion and Nicole Moreira provided us with individual stationary. The Santiago Wedding Stylist Berni Calvo challenged herself with the task to make our bride and groom – Vanessa & Alejandro look their absolute best without electricity and running water. My main task was the complete coordination and of course the wedding photography. I can proudly announce though that I also personally designed and put together the lace tent we used for the private dinner. Yes, that’s how far my dedication went!!

destination wedding chile

The ultimate destination wedding in Chile – a mountain elopement on horseback

Don’t ask me how many hours of sleep I sacrificed for this project but in the end, it was all worth it. Thanks to our faithful companions – the Criollo horses – we all arrived safely at the hot spring in the high mountains.

Our bride and groom had a beautiful hand-fasting ceremony right above the hot spring and relaxed picnic dinner at sunset. To honor the special surroundings we wanted to bring in some authentic Chilean elements onto the table. Together with some delicacies you can see traditional Chilean Tortilla – a bred baked in the ashes of a campfire and Mote con Huesillo – a cool summer-drink with dried peaches mixed with cooked husked wheat. After the dinner our bride and groom took a relaxing bath in the natural hot spring. We took some last intimate couple photos before leaving the lovers to themselves with only the stars watching over them.


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Are you interested in destination wedding photography in Chile or a mountain elopement on horseback? Maybe this place at the hot spring is just the place you were imagining for your honeymoon or proposal in Chile. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas! I would love to photograph your wedding and head out on an adventure together with you!

I want express my deepest gratitude to all the lovely people that contributed to make this vision become reality. Your trust and love and every drop of sweat you gave is deeply valued. Thank you!



The Chile destination wedding team:

Mountain elopement organisation: Adventure Wedding
Chile Horse Trekking & Tour: Cordillera Aventura
Wedding Gowns: Macarena Cortés
Headpieces: Pia Cortés
Wedding Cake: Tortas Momberg
MUA & Hair: Berni Calvoc
Calligraphy: Nicole Moreira
Bride and Groom: Vanessa & Alejandro
Photographer in Chile: Romany Flower 🙂