End of last year Marta and Stefan from Austria booked me as their photographer in Cala Ratjada. They wanted to get some couple pictures for their first wedding anniversary and I was absolutely thrilled. Around the area of Cala Ratjada the conditions for photos are usually best in the morning. That’s why we decided to have a sunrise photo shoot at Cala Mesquida not too far away. Want to know more?

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Photographer in Cala Ratjada – choosing a photo shoot location in Mallorca

Being a photographer in Cala Ratjada is just a dream come true – there are so many stunning beaches in its surroundings. Honestly I don’t even know where to start. Cala Mesquida & Cala Torta are my absolute favorites closely followed by Cala Agulla and Cala Gat. Each and every beach has its peculiarities and it is important to choose one that fits the ideas for your photo shoot best.

In the case of Marta & Stefan we decided to have our photo shoot in Cala Mesquida because of the variatey it offers: There is a gorgeous wooden jetty through big sandy dunes. The waterline combines clean sandy parts and wilder rocky parts. Perfect for us!

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Couple during romantic photo shooting on wood jetty at cala mesquida - photo by cala Rajada photographer Romany Flower


Photographer in Cala Ratjada – What I loved most about this photo shoot in Cala Mesquida

When I met Marta and Stefan at the beach of Cala Mesquida I instantly fell in love with them. They just had an air of positivity and earthiness about them that I instantly connected with. And most of all they were radiating LOVE.

Stefan loves Marta’s creativity and spontaneity. Life is never boring with her. And he feels so lucky and grateful when she just looks into his eyes and smiles. Marta loves how Stefan grounds her. He knows what he wants from life and makes her feel safe being with him. She adores how passionate he is in his projects and how his passion sparks over onto others.

There is so much more to say but I just let their pictures speak instead. I feel like our photo shoot in Cala Mesquida captures the depth and playfulness of Marta’s and Stefan’s connection really well.

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Marta’s and Stefan’s story behind our photo shoot in Cala Mesquida

Marta and Stefan got to know each other through an internship in Vienna and became good friends. Then one time they decided to join an hiking event into the Austrian mountains and it turned out that they were the only participants. Well, one came to the other. They started out on this trip as really good friends already and came back as something more. They decided to start a formal relationship even though it would be long-distance at first and it turned out that this decision and the difficulties just made them stronger as a couple. Last autumn they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary in Mallorca. Congratulations!

When they told me their story I was most touched by the sweet innocent beauty in it:  Either of them was the first love for the other and they are planning on staying each others’ “last love”.

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couple enjoying their mallorca honeymoon lying at the beach of cala mesquida during photo shoot with romany flower - best photographer in cala ratjada


Being a photographer in Cala Ratjada – Counting my blessings

I feel so blessed being a photographer in Cala Ratjada and having the chance to connect with people in a genuine way. When people come into my life through booking me as couple or wedding photographer I always feel incredibly honored and grateful when our relationship evolves into something more. Some of my old clients became such good friends with me that we even went on holidays together. No pressure though, haha!


Looking for a photographer in Cala Ratjada?

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