Planning a beach boho wedding? As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I created an inspirational story for you…

“Mallorca– turquoise waters as deep as your lover’s eyes, a gentle breeze from the sea, a sunset with a kiss – the perfect place to be. Perfect to stop the time, to count stars instead of minutes and collect embraces instead of things. No hurry, no protocols, only an eloping couple and Mallorca’s magic.”

The vision for this beach boho wedding inspiration was to tell a casual summer wedding story that shows the individualistic and laid back side of the island. Our creative team wanted to appeal to free-spirited couples, wanderers of the world with a yearning for authentic and deep experiences.

Being a wedding photographer in Mallorca I am always on the lookout for the most breathtaking and wild scenes to capture stories of life and love. In organizing the session the girls from “Juliets” looked for local experts in handmade products, who breathe the spirit of the island daily and feel it from the heart.

rock cliff in mallorca spain boho wedding - romany flower

bride and groom by the sea in beach boho wedding

man with guitar by the rocky beach boho wedding

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groom suit boho wedding mallorca

groom attire for his boho wedding in mallorca

bride loving her bouquet beach boho wedding

The bride’s headpieces were crafted by the artist Joana from ArtJoana in line with the color palette of Mallorca – earthy tones in the first headpiece with wild feathers and powdered flowers. In the second set-up the bride wears a crown with stunning details resembling golden leaves and turquoise blossoms – a reflection of the crystal clear waters surrounding the island.

gorgeous bouquet boho wedding

bride with her beautiful bouquet boho wedding

boho flower bouquet - romany flower

beautiful bride and bouquet - beach boho wedding

beautiful smiling bride - beach boho wedding

candid wedding photography mallorca

lovely happy bride in her boho wedding

Her dress with subtle transparencies was made by Sunvibes, a clothing and accessories company in the heart of Palma that focuses on handmade & sustainable fashion. A touch of color was brought in by the bouquet with dahlias and romantic English roses. The mixture between illustrious and wild was arranged by the floral designer Tinons, who is from a small town on the island.

boho wedding dress

Belén, the bride walks barefoot over the rocky ground of an intimate cove. The yellow ponpons of her purse by Marmar Mallorca resemble the wild flowers growing on the cliffs. Her open hair and delicate make-up done by Vannesa provide the perfect finish for a relaxed afternoon stroll along the sea shore with its rich colors & textures before arriving at the side of her groom, David. His summer afternoon outfit consists of beige pants, white shirt with blue suspenders and bow-tie. He plays some chords for Belén that will move them back to that cove, that day and those slow kisses every time they hear them again in the future.

mallorca local wedding photographer

couple in their beach boho wedding

beautiful and sweet couple in their beach boho wedding

bride and groom going down stairs boho wedding

groom lovingly holds bride boho wedding

beach scenery of the beach boho wedding

beautiful beach rocks boho wedding

beautiful head dress boho wedding

beautiful bride beach boho wedding

In the jewelry, our team looked for attention to detail and simplicity and found pure art and poetry on one of the neighboring islands: each of Sandra’s pieces from Mamaplata Formentera are 100% handmade and characterized by the beauty of uniqueness & imperfection. Being a local wedding photographer in Mallorca, I am sensitive to the island’s unique features and blend them in as boho wedding accessories to capture the local vibe.

bridal accessories perfect for boho wedding

simple and beautiful bride boho wedding

beautiful beach  and groom boho wedding

handsome groom on beach rocks boho wedding

groom items perfect for boho wedding

groom on his blue suit boho wedding

couple towards each other boho wedding

groom and bride walking towards each other boho wedding

couple hugging by the beach boho wedding

couple in love embracing each other boho wedding

waves of the beach boho wedding

mallorca elopement photography

mallorca elopement wedding photographer

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